Kids Yoga


Children little gym girl with green yoga ballHappy Healthy Kids

“How to help your kids keep active, fit, happy and calm in just 45 Minutes!”

Dear Parents,

If you’d like to involve your kids in a fun program that will not only keep them active and healthy, but to teach them how to stay calm and relaxed then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness is the hottest studio in town that offers the best quality of instructions and state of the art Infrared Hot Yoga classes. Time after time, parents have approached us practically begging us to add in a Yoga program for their kids… and one thing we are very big into doing, is giving you what you want. So we are very happy to announce our Oxygen Kids Program! My favorite saying is “How you do anything, is how you do EVERYTHING!” and it is so true. Now that you know that we already offer the absolute best program around for adults…. the same will be true about our Kids program!

Here is a summary of the benefits of our kid’s program

Oxygen’s Kids Yoga Program is a total body workout that your kids will love
Your kids will have a fun class where they will have a chance to practice Yoga poses, sing songs, be creative, use up their bundles of energy… and learn how to also be calm, centered and cool! Oxygen’s Kids Yoga Program will improve your child’s fitness level
Kids that exercise are less likely to be overweight and in todays world with all the fast food and unhealthy snacks sold everywhere, it is important to teach your child healthy habits at a young age!Oxygen’s Kids Yoga Program will increase your child’s self confidence
Yoga for kids also enhances your child’s self-awareness. Children that practice yoga learn early on to tune into their bodies and their self confidence is increased when they learn to gain control over their bodies and minds. Oxygen’s Kids Yoga Program will help your child be creative
We will help your child to learn new skills by singing fun songs, acting out different poses and encourage their creative imagination while acting out cool poses, like cobra, monkey, elephant and more!Oxygen’s Kids Yoga Program will teach your kids that exercising doesn’t need to be competitive
At Oxygen Yoga isn’t about being right or wrong, or being best or worst. It’s about learning to love your body regardless of it’s size or shape and enjoying the freedom in your body. bringing unity to one’s own life. Children can work together to help each other reach this goal.

Oxygen’s Kids Yoga Program helps your kids to focus
We help show your kids that by practicing yoga, you can learn ways to relax and get control of stress.  For example, using breathing techniques and meditation can help a worried child calm down and stay focused on a test or exam.

Oxygen’s Kids Yoga Program teaches your child self-discipline
When your child starts to practice Yoga, they will learn how to slow down, breathe and be focused in certain poses, while being silly and having fun in other poses.  Your child will learn how to connect with their bodys and to have control over their actions.

Oxygen’s Kids Yoga Program will help your kids make more friends
Your child will get to meet other kids in their age group that also practice yoga, and this also helps their social skills as well as their communication skills.

Listen to what our littlest  customers say.

“Yoga breathing helps me fall asleep when I can’t fall asleep sometimes at night.”
~ Zade

“Yoga is fun.  I can learn to do all those cool yoga poses and have lots of fun.”
~ Lucy

“I get to do fun things in yoga and i like to show my friends my new poses.”
~ Tayan


For your  child’s safety Kids Yoga is performed without our Infrared heat. Available at participating locations. Ages may vary.