Please make sure your browser allows for pop-ups in order to view the online schedule.
Please note that Back-to-Back Classes will not be permitted


How to easily reserve your spot in class
Click on your location’s online schedule and find the class that you would like to attend. Then click the Signup Now button. You will be prompted to login with your username and password. If you have never created your Oxygen username & password, just follow the steps provided. The online system will ask you if you want to pay now for the class, or if you would like to reserve your spot and pay when you get the studio. Select the option that works out best for you.

Our online reservations will allow you to book either one class or several classes at a time. Once you have logged in, you can also check out your past visits, your account balance, personal information and print out receipts.

Cancelling your reservation
Cancelling your reservation stops 2 hours before the class begins. Please note that if you don’t show up to class, your visit will still be deducted from your pass.

Your Oxygen Membership/ID Card
All Oxygen students will receive a membership/ID Keytag & Card. If you have not received your membership card, please let us know and we will hook you up with one. Your membership card is used for quick sign-in.

Arriving at the studio
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for class. All classes start on time and doors are locked when classes are in progress. We do not allow late comers to class, regardless the circumstance, because it disrupts the class and it really isn’t fair to the other students and the instructor. If you are late, out of courtesy to everyone else who showed up on time, we ask that you please do not knock on the door.

New Students
When you arrive at the studio 15 minutes early, please let the instructor know that it is your first time at the studio. If it is your first time at our studio, you must arrive 20 minutes early because You will need to fill out some forms and get settled in before class starts. We do not allow anyone to take any classes until all forms are filled out completely and signed.

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