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Introducing Our NEWEST O2 Clothing at Participating Locations!

Comfort and Style along with Function for even your sweatiest workouts in our fabulous infrared sauna rooms. Here are just a sample of some of the new styles that we have in store for you.


IMG_4578IMG_4586                          IMG_4430 IMG_4447


Price $34                                                                                  Price $65


IMG_0610 IMG_4338                         IMG_4359 IMG_9192


Price $42                                                                                  Price $42


IMG_4383 IMG_4399                               IMG_9954 IMG_1516


Price $59                                                                                  Price $59


IMG_0602 IMG_0629                            IMG_0735 IMG_9340


Price $42                                                                                  Price $42


IMG_0931 IMG_9520                                IMG_9394IMG_9401


Price $30                                                                                  Price $42


IMG_9753 IMG_9584                                   IMG_9550IMG_0899

Price $56                                                                                  Price $65

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Oxygen’s line of  lifestyle wear is perfect for street or studio.

Visit your Oxygen Location to shop for yoga wear including pants, capris, I Love My Life ™ hoodies, t-shits and tank tops.


Introducing Lotusactiva!  Find our Signature line of clothing on sale NOW!